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Techlion Medical (Group)

Techlion Medical (Group) was established in 2005 and is headquartered in Beijing, the political, cultural and economic center of the country. Since its establishment, Techlion Medical (Group) has been committed to the development of the dental specialties, covering prosthodontics, orthodontics, implantology, articulation, loupes, etc. At present, it has comprehensively developed in three areas of dental medical instrument business, dental education, and dental medical instrument processing, and has successively established nine operating departments including Beijing Headquarters, North China Office, Jiangsu Office, Zhejiang Office, Shanghai Office, South China Office, Southwest Office, Central China Office and Channel Department , covering all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.


The dental medical instrument business under the company of Techlion Medical (Group) is based in Beijing Techlion and has a fixed business site which is headquartered in Beijing. The business philosophy is to be the general agent of China's high-end, cutting-edge dental medical intrument made in Europe and North America. The current cooperation projects include:

--- Germany 比特币交易所 dental articulation products;

--- Germany FORESTADENT orthodontic products;

--- US ORTHOACCEL orthodontic assistant products.

Through long-term and good cooperation with the manufacturers of the above products, both sides have established a cooperative foundation and prospect of mutual trust, mutual dependence, common development and simultaneous win-win.


Techlion Medical (Group)'s dental education, with Beijing FEIFAN-BEAUTY as the main body, has a fixed dental training center which is located at the side of beautiful Qiantang River in Hangzhou. The training center can hold theoretical and practical courses in various dental specialties. The world's dental experts and domestic dental experts teach dental courses here, and complete the continuing education. At the same time, Beijing FEIFAN-BEAUTY Dental Lab also held dental courses all over the country. The total number of academic sessions reached 100~130 sessions per year. A large number of dental medical workers have gained valuable knowledge and technology to benefit clinical patients.


Techlion Medical (Group) focuses on the processing and service of dental medical instrument, especially the development and production of high-end dental technical products. After years of experience, Shandong Techlion has the ability to develop and produce dental medical instrument and high-end dental technical products. The processing center (2019) to be completed in Jinan Municipal Life Science City, Shandong Province, is dedicated to serve the dental clinic with processed products. At the same time, it will gradually apply for its own product patents with independent intellectual property rights.


The tenet of Techlion Medical (Group) is credit, quality, professionalism and the consistence. Based on the comprehensive development of dental instrument, training and processing, the Group attaches great importance to the introduction of high-end dental technology talents, advanced digital equipment and matching comprehensive management software. It will unite as one and actively make progress to contribute to development of China's dental industry.




Techlion Medical (Group)

Business headquarters: 2-2-1106, No. 4, Leyuan Road, Daxing District, Beijing

Training Headquarters: No. 99, Shimin Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

Processing Headquarters: Life Science City, 1777 Dazheng Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan

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